Wine is strongly connected to Italian culture and Italian’s way of life.

In 2018, Italy produced over 48,500 hectolitres of wine, more than any other country this year. This is a trend that Italians celebrate, and wine is an essential part of everyday Italian life. Wine is so celebrated in Italy that across the country there are wine festivals set up to indulge in and consume this much-loved Italian drink. Tuscany is of course known worldwide for its wine production, but wine is actually produced all across Italy, and a stop off from one of Italy’s major cities provides an excellent opportunity to drink wine like the Italians.

Tuscan Wine Festivals

Most wine festivals take place in September and October each year, around the time of the harvest. If you’re visiting Florence, the main festivals to check out include Capoliveri, Greve in Chianti, Pitigliano, and Manciano. These festivals are all within two hours of the city, making them excellent day trips if visiting the City of Lilies. The best in the region, however, is the Montecarlo Wine Festival, taking place over two weeks in early September. Montecarlo is the quintessential Tuscan wine experience due to its location on top of a hill overlooking the vineyards and its position halfway between Pisa and Florence. This romantic destination will inspire a trip to Tuscany in no time.

Roman Wine Festivals

The most popular wine festival near Rome takes place in Marino about 20 kilometers south of Rome during the first weekend of each October. For almost 100 years, the Sagra dell’Uva has inspired this event, which culminates when wine is released from the fountain in the main square. A religious event, but also a lively one, the Romans gather together and celebrate the harvest of another year of grapes. This event is not limited to wine, but also includes markets, exhibitions, food, music, and dancing.

Wine Events in the Rest of Italy

Central and Southern Italy may be more known for their wine, but the rest of Italy has plenty of events as well. Milan hosted the first annual Milan Wine Week, and Sicily is known for the Menfi Wine Festival, which takes place during the summer. Whether looking for an authentic Italian wine party or a classy festival, wine is never far away when you’re in Italy. Wine forms an essential backbone to the Italian way of life, and if travelling to Italy, it is a must to really experience the Italian culture.


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