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If you’re planning to take a holiday of a lifetime, you’re not alone: 45% of travelers have a travel bucket list in their minds, according to the 2019 Travel Trend Report. So, if exploring Europe is something you yearn for, touring by car is one of the best ways to enjoy unique cultures and a fun way of seeing all the sights. While there are plenty of road travel tips for driving in Europe, it can be relatively stress free and it’s easy to explore multiple countries on your road trip.

London to the Lake District

Whether you decide to hire a car or are investing in a purchase, ensure you pick the right vehicle for a comfortable and reliable journey to avoid any mishaps along the way. Once you’ve driven out of London, head to Oxford, the world’s oldest university or travel north to Stratford-Upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace. While driving in Britain, it’s not difficult to stop off in country pubs and restaurants for a well deserved rest and a pint or two. The north of the UK offers ample opportunities for hiking in the Dales, around lakes and indulging in breathtaking landscapes around the Lake District. If you have the time, extend your road trip to Scotland.

To the Basque and beyond

You can begin in San Sebastian or Bilbao, both of which offer options for fantastic local food and an insight into Basque culture. Driving along the Atlantic, there are plenty of beaches to stop at when you feel like surfing or doing other watersports along this rugged coastline. Continue onto Galithia, part of the Iberian Peninsula, where you can escape the usual Spanish commercialism to explore the pine and eucalyptus forests alongside the rich Celtic culture. From here, head south into Portugal to the cities of Porto and Lisbon.

Go East

From Brasov, a stunning, Romanian medieval city you can drive through the Carpathian mountains to Transylvania, and arrive at Bran Castle, better known as Dracula’s Castle. Traveling onwards to Bucharest, a booming, modern city where the streets, nightlife, and attractions are bursting with friendly energy. However, be alert to the lack of signage so having a good sat nav would be wise. Continue driving into Bulgaria, through the Danube plains and arrive at the old city of Veliko Tarnovo. Decide from here to explore Bulgaria further or continue your road trip to Greece or Turkey.

Wherever you decide to drive on your European road trip, plan ahead and make sure you choose the right type of vehicle so that you have the least amount of hassle and maximum amount of fun.

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