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The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

One of the best and most unforgettable escapades you can probably have is to go backpacking in one of the naturally richest countries in the world that is Italy. Marvel at the ancient ruins, splendid architecture, and the breathtaking natural wonders all in one trip. Meet different kinds of people, taste authentic Italian food, and drink a lot of wine! Ah, truly the wonders of Italy never cease.

Here are some great Italian destinations you can visit as you backpack across the country. Whether you plan to have a formal itinerary or just go with the flow, it would be good to keep these Italian cities in mind.


With its paved roads and ancient churches, visiting Venice is one delightful historical experience. See its most famous attraction that is the Piazza San Marco housing the mosaic cathedral of Basilica di San Marco. Of course, don’t forget to take a boat ride in the Grand Canal that was once the center of trade and commerce.


The beauty of Rome is that it is a very large city where you can find a bit of everything. See popular attractions like the 900-year old Roman ruins, the Colloseum, and the Trevi Fountain or simply immerse in the culture with all of the city’s beautiful streets.

Vatican City

Whether you’re a devout Catholic or not, visiting Vatican City is always an interesting experience and one you can share with your kids or friends. As one of the most famous religious destinations in the world, the Vatican City emanates with Catholic structures like the Sistine Chapel.


The biggest city in the North of Italy, Milan is considered one of the most stylish cities on the planet, home to elite shops and fashionable people. More than design and fashion however, Milan is also famous for its art and architecture and very romantic aura. Visit the Duomo, the Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio, and other excellent churches. Taste glorious Italian metropolitan cuisine and take a peek or shop at all the prestigious shops everyone is talking about.

Food in Italy

More than the destinations and more than the structures, many people believe that the heart of Italy is really in its culinary delights. As one of the most famous cuisines in the world, Italian food is cooked and eaten everyday around the globe. But as they say, nothing beats the authentic, cooked by the natives themselves and prepared at the region itself. Following the general principle that food is best when cooked fresh and using the freshest ingredients, you can be sure dining in Italy is one extraordinary gastronomic experience you get to do all throughout your backpacking trip.

Pizza and pasta are still the most popular staples, but the good thing is that every region has its delicious twists and specialties and their own food offerings as well. Sicily is home to the most perfect tomatoes and tomato based sauces and dishes. Turin is well loved for its wines and chocolates. Tuscany produces some of the best cheeses and pork products. Rome and Milan serves both inexpensive and just naturally good dishes to magnificent creations in high-end restaurants and food shops.

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Maree Sinclair

Positano, Cinque Terre and Florence are all worth visiting as well.

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