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When in Rome there are hundreds of things to do and places to see – but do all of them mean spending a small fortune? Think again. There are loads of awesome sightseeing activities that you can do and they are all virtually free. Here are some suggestions for a thrifty but still fun way […]

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Having received decades of free publicity from a large number of espionage movies, it’s hard to find a film-exposed individual who hasn’t heard about the Red Square. Its popularity, however, is not only due to an unwarranted attention by Cold War crazed film-makers. The Red Square is massive and humbling, especially for those familiarised with […]


Organising a holiday getaway to one of Europe’s most romantic cities isn’t easy at the best of times. Planning a trip that isn’t as clichéd as the destination is as important as the recognition of a unique relationship such a trip signifies. If it has to be Paris or Prague or Venice, at least ensure […]


As they are home to some of the best resorts in Europe, Canary Islands holidays are extremely appealing making it easy to understand why thousands of British holidaymakers flock there every year. Have a look at five of the best resorts and see which one tempts you the most. Playa de las Americas Playa de […]


Germany is a country of contrasts, with much to offer its visitors. From world-class museums and historic architecture to fine dining and vibrant nightlife, Germany has it all, and with over 10,000 towns and cities between the Alps and the North Sea, choosing which to visit can be a daunting decision. Each of this country’s […]

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