Organising a holiday getaway to one of Europe’s most romantic cities isn’t easy at the best of times. Planning a trip that isn’t as clichéd as the destination is as important as the recognition of a unique relationship such a trip signifies. If it has to be Paris or Prague or Venice, at least ensure […]


The Mediterranean beckons millions of visitors every year. The blazing sunshine, warm waters, the excellent food: all of these make a summer truly summerish. The only problem facing holiday-goers is where to visit. Malaga, where the Spanish sangria flows and the seafood is fresh? Corfu, home to Greek monuments and stunning beaches? The list is […]


The Mediterranean is a favourite for cruisers, and its not surprising why. During the summer season from April to November, the Mediterranean offers sunshine and balmy warm evenings. If you’re into your history then Europe is littered with ancient ruins, historic sites and exquisite architecture. Foodies can enjoy pasta and gelato in Italy, tapas in […]

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When people talk about cruising, they normally refer to ocean cruises. However, there is a more interesting alternative – the river cruise. As opposed to seeing nothing but water for a long period of time, changing landscapes can keep one occupied in a river cruise. River cruises are actually a great way to discover certain […]


Cruising is one of the best ways to discover Europe on a larger scale. While some may prefer to do land travel, cruising provides a different way to experience Europe. For those who have been to Europe more than once, this is a novel experience. More than this, cruising provides access to most sites of […]

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