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Rome is one of the world’s great cities, but it is easy to visit and not have the best time thanks to the overpriced and overcrowded tourist attractions. Our guide to What NOT to Do in Rome will allow you to steer clear of the downsides and enjoy La Dolce Vita. Don’t get ripped off […]


The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) gives citizens throughout Europe access to emergency medical state treatment for any injuries or illnesses that are incurred whilst on holiday. There can be some confusion as to what the EHIC does and does not cover, with the question sometimes arising “is it necessary to obtain travel insurance if […]


Whether you’re thinking about the possibility of a trip to Europe, actively planning one, or actually setting off on your adventure, one question will be constantly lingering in the back of your mind: what is the best route to take around this great old continent? Travelers have pondered over this ever since Europe became a […]

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Europe is a fantastic place to visit but holidaying in Europe can be extremely expensive. In order to still have a great visit and not spend your entire bank account you should be prepared to see Europe a little differently. Sticking to a budget and utilizing some different forms of entertainment and accommodation can make […]


For skiers and snowboarders, Europe is a mecca of sorts as it has some of the best mountain resorts in the world. You can find incredible skiing here as well as fun nightlife and great restaurants: this combination makes Europe the best place to go for some snowbound fun. The problem is that there is […]