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The great European tour – that’s what a lot of us dream about, isn’t it? If you are planning on spending some time in this wonderful continent, then you have to know all about the vast network of trains found in the various countries. After all, train travel is one of the things that makes traipsing around Europe so interesting. Here are some things that you would need to know in order to make planning your trip easier.

Always look for the information desk

I know, talking to the person in the ticket booth may sound good, but it is always safer to go look for the central information desk. The chances of getting the most accurate information on train schedules and stops are highest if you talk to the people at the information desk.

Always ask for specials or promos

While most train networks promote their current special or promo, you never know if you have missed something. That is, unless you ask the person you are dealing with. Do not be embarrassed to ask if you there is a discount that can be applicable to your case. You can actually end up making considerable savings by doing so.

Try to book overnight trains for long trips

I like this particular tip as it has some advantages. One, you can save a night’s worth of accommodation as you will spend it in the train. Two, you can experience a luxurious train ride if you book a trip in one of those nice trains. Three, traveling by night frees up more of your day time to actually visit other places.

As most major cities in Europe are connected by rail in one way or another, do not forget to include this mode of transportation in your planning. You just might experience the ride of your life!

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