How to Have the Perfect Holiday in the Greek Islands

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Santorini - Photo: Giuseppe Finocchiaro

Santorini - Photo: Giuseppe Finocchiaro

The Greek Islands offer a huge amount of choice to travellers with everything from well known tourist resorts to the charms of lesser-frequented islands.

The dreaded package-holiday is probably the best way to go but keep your eyes peeled, there can be huge savings made either by booking really early or waiting until the last minute.

Packing is not hard for a holiday like this with guaranteed good weather. Be sure to take high-factor sun cream, and if you plan to do a lot of swimming and snorkelling consider a rash vest which will prevent your body from getting burnt.

Although Greek cuisine can’t compare with many other countries in Europe, you are sure to find plenty of fresh fish in restaurants and as a rule of thumb you should try to eat in the same places as the locals. Drink Ouzo, Grappa or Retsina at your peril.

The beach

Skopelos - Photo: elenikiokia

The beach is usually first on the agenda for most visitors to the Greek Islands. The islands with the best beaches are Skopelos, which has the secluded Limnonari beach, Naxos with excellent beaches to the south and Thasos where tourists flock to crystal clear waters and white sand.

Party islands

Mykonos - Photo: wmchu

Mykonos - Photo: wmchu

Mykonos is the king of Greek party islands, and it attracts all sorts, from glamorous revellers to beer guzzlers. For a wonderful experience, head to Little Venice where you can welcome the sunset and get excited for the night ahead. It is flanked by attractive houses and the gentle lapping waters of the Aegean Sea. Mykonos is also famed for having the most vibrant gay scene in the Greek Islands.

Another island which punches above its weight is Skiathos. Although it only has a few clubs, Skiathos has some really cool bars which would not look out of place in the centre of London. The service is excellent and the atmosphere unforgettable.

Things to see

Zakynthos - Photo: Dirk Delbaere

The shipwreck on the island of Zante or Zakynthos is incredible. This smuggler ship washed ashore in 1981 onto a sandy beach surrounding by imposing cliffs. Ever since it has been a favourite aerial shot for photographers who want to capture the romance of the Greek Islands. To get a perfect postcard shot, follow signs upwards to the Agios Gergio Kremnao monastery from which there is a bird’s eye view. Early morning and late evening are the best times to arrive if you want to avoid the crowds.

The only view to rival it is on Santorini. This volcanic island has those classic whitewashed houses for which the Greek Islands are famous. When the nearby island of Thira erupted in 1500 BC it left a huge crater. Now the town of Fira overlooks a sheer drop to the deep blue ocean. Head here at dusk with a camera.

For ancient history Rhodes is very rewarding. Most tourists gravitate towards the old Rhodes city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To get off the beaten track go to the old port of Symi which has not changed much over the centuries. This narrow harbour gives you an archetypal view of Greek Island charm.


Corfu - Photo: Katarina 2353

Corfu is probably the most popular of the Greek Islands with high prices to visit it in-season. If you have the cash to spend why not stay in the former abode of famous writers Laurence and Gerald Durrell? Laurence Durrell called Corfu a ‘brilliant speck of an island in the Ionian Sea’ and you will be astounded by the views out over the bay. They make the ‘white house’ in Corfu the perfect place for creativity and introspection.

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