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European holidays are good for romance, sightseeing and great gastronomic adventures – yet it is also a fun place to go with the whole family. One country to pay particular attention to is Portugal – this rugged, seaside nation is a fun place to relax and do some exploring. There are two routes for family holidays here: Portugal all-inclusive for beach side relaxation and more adventurous independent travelling.

All inclusive holidays in Portugal tend to be based in the Algarve, an area in the south of the country. This area has a collection of stunning resorts sitting next to beautiful beaches. If you come here with your family you will find it incredibly easy to let the children loose on the beach allowing you ample time to relax and enjoy the sun. Most hotels will come with a bevy of activities which will keep children and teenagers well occupied – your kids are also likely to make friends, which will ensure that they truly have a great time. In regards to weather, you can come at any time as the Algarve is warm all year round, though it can be very dry in the summer. Be sure to investigate your hotel thoroughly as you will need to make sure it has a good collection of activities to keep you all entertained.

If you have slightly older children and want to do something a bit more exciting you can travel to Portugal independently; you will have to book flights and hotels yourself, however, with the help of travel sites you should be able to achieve this speedily. Start your trip in the capital of Lisbon to get a taste of the local culture and to see the city’s beautiful castle. You can then head to the Côa Valley to see rock wall engravings which date from 22,000 to 10,000 years BCE – look at these stunning pieces of art and gaze into mankind’s distant past. From there you can head into the hills to explore the dramatic mountainous countryside – the Portuguese aren’t big hikers, but you can still find some amazing paths. A good place to start is the Algarve region, which has more tourists and thus greater effort has been put into developing trails.

Portugal is a great place to go with your family, yet you will have to suit your trip to your children. If you have very young ones you should make a bee-line to the sun-spattered coast of the Algarve. But if you crave panoramic views and the chance to show your kid’s the beauty of this continent, head off on your own to see all this amazing country has to offer.


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Southern Spain and Portugal are our next European destination. Can’t wait! Thanks for the info!

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