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The Viking Spirit cruising the Danube River in Passau, Germany

The Viking Spirit cruising the Danube River in Germany

When people talk about cruising, they normally refer to ocean cruises. However, there is a more interesting alternative – the river cruise. As opposed to seeing nothing but water for a long period of time, changing landscapes can keep one occupied in a river cruise.

River cruises are actually a great way to discover certain parts of Europe. If you think about it, riverboats can go inland – places where ocean liners cannot go. Naturally, this offers more possibilities with regard to exploring the surrounding areas.

What destinations should you consider when planning a river cruise in Europe?

One of the most popular itineraries revolves around the Danube River. Various river cruise operators promote this itinerary as a trip through the most enchanting countries in Europe. Viking River Cruises offers the Danube Waltz tour, which takes you to Austria, Germany, Hungary, and Slovakia. They also have the Imperial Danube Cruise, which starts in Germany and goes through the same countries.

AMAWATERWAYS offers an alternative Danube cruise, which includes the same countries above, plus the Czech Republic. The same river cruise company offers an itinerary passing through Provence, Paris, and Barcelona. For an alternative Christmas celebration, try the Christmas Time Cruise, which will take you to the marvelous Christmas markets of Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

European Barging offers special cruises such as a Holland Tulip Cruise. If you want this one of a kind experience, you have to book really early as tickets sell out quickly. The same company also offers music cruises, wherein you cane enjoy the sights to accompanying classical music.

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My husband and myself went on a river cruise in Europe last year and had the time of our lives. Highly recommended!

Aaron Schubert

Wow, the water is so calm! Looks like a great way to pass some time.


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