Italy: Rome In Two Days

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A hallway ceiling in the Vatican Museum, Rome

A hallway ceiling in the Vatican Museum, Rome

So you have two days to spend in one of the most historical and interesting cities in the world.  What can you do in two days?  Would that even be enough for you to visit all that is there to visit? Probably not, but two days is enough to see the most significant things in Rome and get an authentic experience out of it.  So what can you do in Rome in two days?

Day One

Old Rome is a must!  This part of the city is the Rome of the history books.  This is what we read about and what we see portrayed in the movies.  There are three sites that you absolutely have to visit in Old Rome:

The Colosseum
Arguably the most famous site in Rome.  This used to be the site for gladiator fights.  It is the largest ever built in the Roman Empire, and one of the most amazing pieces of architecture in the world.

The Circus Maximus
This is an ancient hippodrome, where horse races and other forms of entertainment were held.

The Roman Forum
Also known as Forum Romanum, this is where all the business and justice administration was done in the old days.

Day Two

For your second day, you have to visit the Vatican.  After all, Rome is the center of its power and what is a visit to the city without paying homage to this place?  The cathedrals, art, and sculptures are enough reasons to drop by.  For more art to satiate your appetite, visit the Villa Borghesse.  Actually, you might want to visit this first so that you can go to the Vatican later in the day, when the tourist crowds tend to be less.  Also, remember to reserve tickets in advance for the museum, as they usually run out.

That’s it!  Before heading of to your Rome hotel you can end your two-day Roman stint with a wonderful dinner in one of the numerous Italian restaurants within the city.  Bon appetito!

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