Solo Travel: Backpacking as a Solo Woman Traveler

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The Prague Plus Hostel offers girl only dorms with hairdryers and fluffy towels

The Prague Plus Hostel offers girl only dorms with hairdryers and fluffy towels

There are very few things in the world that are as liberating as traveling. Once upon a time, worldwide travel was restricted only to the fortunate; few, in truth, could afford the luxury of planning trips abroad. And then came the travel revolution, with countries actively advertising themselves to an international market, and various transportation companies on hand to do the necessary ferrying.

Today, travel is open to one and all – including women who want to cross the globe on their own. Ask any woman backpacker and she will tell you that the experience of solo traveling is indeed a unique one. However, the needs of a woman backpacker are often different from the requirements of a male backpacker. So read on to find out what you should always have with you when you are traveling around the world alone.

The golden rule when it comes to packing – whoever you are – is that packing light is always right. Remember that backpacking means intensive traveling and the last thing you want is a huge mound of luggage tagging along with you everywhere you go. So pack light and don’t forget to put in important stuff like a first aid box, tissue paper and lots of water.

There are certain things that the backpacker needs to keep in mind while traveling regardless of however much style they intend to do things in. In terms of woman solo travel, the way the backpacker dresses is very important as there are certain preconceptions involved with solo travelers – especially those who travel from the west to the east.

Before embarking on your trip, then, make sure to read up about the local customs at your destination and pack accordingly. It’s also worth remembering that who can always buy clothes once you arrive, and these will, by definition, fit with the local way of doing things. Again, packing light is the right thing to do.

Where to Stay
Another very important aspect of backpacking is finding a good place to stay. Thanks to the hostel revolution that’s occurred over the past decade or so, finding a sociable, comfortable and affordable place to stay is no longer difficult. If you’re concerned about staying in a hostel alone, however, it’s easy enough to find woman friendly hostels that assure the safety and comfort of the woman traveler. This will normally come in the form of a female-only dorm.

Before you set off on your travels, then, it’s a grand idea to check out websites that give you information about hostels that have women-only dorms. For example, the Plus Prague Hostel in Prague is famous for providing comfortable and safe accommodation at great rates. This women friendly hostel even has nice clean fluffy towels and hairdryers.

These three tips should help make life easier for women solo travelers. Thankfully, the gap between the ease of day-to-day travel for men and women is lessening all the time; keep the tips above in mind and you’ll be able to lap up the joys of crossing the globe as much as anyone else.

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