Europeans really know how to party. Europeans have always revered their party animals, from the Libertines of 18th century France and Britain to the fun-loving painter Toulouse Lautrec who captured the excesses of Parisian life. Europe has a history of decadence and debauchery that no other continent can compare to. Europeans tend to be heavier […]


For some people it is hard not to enjoy Amsterdam; they just head to one of the famous coffee shops in the centre and reappear an hour later in a state of heightened sensitivity. Others are shocked by quite how liberal Holland is. Police sit inert while prostitutes tout their wares in red windows, marijuana […]


Many people think the best way to see the great cities of Europe is through their museums, their fairytale castles, and their historical monuments. Personally though, I think a lot can be understood about a cities character by seeking out their public parks. I think you can tell a lot about a culture from how […]

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The land of the tulips and windmills – that’s what Holland means for a lot of people. Of course, there are more than flowers to be seen in this part of the world. Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands, and is home to a lot of cultural sites as well. If you have two days […]


Going on a vacation is always fun, but it is even made more exciting if you go to a destination that has something special going on.  I am talking about visiting a city right when they are holding a festival and if festivals are what you are looking for, then Europe is the best place to […]