Salzburg, Austria: The birthplace of Mozart is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, where the romantic charm of the Baroque and Renaissance periods come alive in its impressive architecture of the historical buildings and right down on the cobbled streets. The capital of Land Salzburg is also called the “heart of the heart of Europe.” […]


For skiers and snowboarders, Europe is a mecca of sorts as it has some of the best mountain resorts in the world. You can find incredible skiing here as well as fun nightlife and great restaurants: this combination makes Europe the best place to go for some snowbound fun. The problem is that there is […]


There’s nothing like a change of scenery to reinvigorate you for the challenges ahead. Weekend breaks take minimal planning and best of all you can easily find low cost flights and rely on hand luggage alone. Whether you plan to live it up in another city or just have a couple of days to recharge […]


When people talk about cruising, they normally refer to ocean cruises. However, there is a more interesting alternative – the river cruise. As opposed to seeing nothing but water for a long period of time, changing landscapes can keep one occupied in a river cruise. River cruises are actually a great way to discover certain […]


The European continent boasts of some of richest destinations in terms of culture. Every year since 1985, two cities are chosen to hold the distinction of being Europe’s cultural capitals. This year, the cities are Linz in Austria and Vilnius in Lithuania. Truth be told, both of these cities are not always part of the […]

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