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Bavaria’s capital, Munich, is a beautiful 800 year old city that is located in southern Germany. Munich is one of Germany’s most popular tourist destinations and offers its visitors a travel experience that will not be forgotten. From festivals and sightseeing to shopping and restaurants, Munich has it all! So, whether you are looking for […]


Whether it’s to hear the chimes of Big Ben or marvel at majestic, browse museums and galleries or the boutiques of Bond Street, London makes one of the most exciting city breaks in the world. This sprawling, multicultural city is packed with things to see and do, and a typical evening could take you from […]


Germany is not really known for its affordability, but it remains one of the most sought after destinations in Europe; and why not? This country is known for the bratwurst, some of the best beer in the world, and more. If you’re planning on going to Germany and you want to do it cheap, then […]


Traveling to Scandinavia can very well be one of the most adventurous things that you do in your lifetime. More than that, you can also have one of the most culturally rich vacations available to mankind. Naturally, you have to watch your budget, just as you would in any other trips. How can you save […]

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It used to be that the most expensive part of traveling was the airplane ride. As recent as 10 years ago, the price of airfare was enough to dampen the dreams of the aspiring globetrotter. Over the years, however, airfares have gone down drastically, thanks mainly to the opening of budget airlines which operate in […]