Eastern Europe

The largest region of Romania is also the one that’s been most visited on the page of most novels. The true Transylvania might be lacking in the “bloodthirsty-creatures-of-the-night” department, but makes for an excellent holiday destination for those who fancy a trip down the pathways of history. Transylvania is a cultural hotbed; the cohabitation of […]


Bulgaria, a country in the Balkans hugging the Turkish Straits, is a gateway to the Middle East and the Asian territories that lie beyond. Having regained its independence in 1878, Bulgaria can be considered a new state; regardless, it’s certainly an old country that traces its roots to the final years of the 7th century […]


1. Moscow Distillery Cristall This landmark distillery has been in business since 1901, when it was opened as the state facility for alcoholic beverages. Walking tours include opportunities to sample their 16 brands of premium vodkas, such as Stolichnaya, Priviet and Posolskaya. Considered one of the world’s top breweries, the Cristall Distillery tour reveals how […]


As Europe has opened up both politically and economically over the last 20 years, so have the amount of value for money holiday destinations increased. Among these is Montenegro a small country in the Balkans. Although Montenegro was affected badly by the civil war in Yugoslavia, tourists have now started to flock there and the […]

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1. Okroshka Russia’s national soup is not borsch – their famous beet soup – but Okroshka, a cold soup made from raw cucumbers and spring onions combined with boiled potatoes, cooked meat and eggs. It is mixed with a lightly alcoholic brew made of fermented bread and garnished with sour cream or diluted kefir. 2. […]