Eastern Europe

1. Okroshka Russia’s national soup is not borsch – their famous beet soup – but Okroshka, a cold soup made from raw cucumbers and spring onions combined with boiled potatoes, cooked meat and eggs. It is mixed with a lightly alcoholic brew made of fermented bread and garnished with sour cream or diluted kefir. 2. […]


The European continent boasts of some of richest destinations in terms of culture. Every year since 1985, two cities are chosen to hold the distinction of being Europe’s cultural capitals. This year, the cities are Linz in Austria and Vilnius in Lithuania. Truth be told, both of these cities are not always part of the […]

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Serbia is situated in the heart of the Balkans. It has a long and rich history, which has not always been pleasant. Indeed, the conflict that occurred in the early 90s contributed to the decline of the tourism sector; but today, Serbia is back on its feet, and is fast becoming a popular tourist destination. […]


The largest city and the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius currently holds the distinction of being the European Capital of Culture (2009). Its name is derived from the Vilnia River, and holds a veritable treasure trove of wonders for any visitor. What can one do and see in this Eastern European city? The Vilnius Cathedral is […]

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The Czech Republic has fast become a popular tourist destination, and its capital Prague, is the usually the first stop. So what can you do and see in the magical city of Prague? Read on to find out. Down a pint (or two) of the real stuff Ask any Czech and they will say that […]

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