Taking a drive along the United Kingdom’s top scenic driving routes can be a highly rewarding experience for overseas visitors to the UK and resident Brit’s who often don’t realise the stunning vistas that exist on their own doorstep. Here are some suggestions for spectacular driving routes encompassing a variety of UK regions. 1. England […]


London is a fantastic city which has preserved its history while becoming one of the most forward-thinking and modern capitals in the world. As Samuel Johnson said ‘the man who is tired of London is tired of life’. But London is overwhelming and it’s easy for tourists to end up disappointed because their trip has not […]


London is a big melting pot of various cultures. It has so much to offer that even three days in the city might not be enough for you to get the ultimate London experience. Still, three days is much better than one or two, isn’t it? Here are the things to do and places to […]


Cruising is one of the best ways to discover Europe on a larger scale. While some may prefer to do land travel, cruising provides a different way to experience Europe. For those who have been to Europe more than once, this is a novel experience. More than this, cruising provides access to most sites of […]

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Europe is a dream destination for many world travelers. They say that you haven’t traveled the world until you get to visit this continent, but which countries should you visit? There are so many countries in Europe that, unless you have an excessive amount of money and time on your hands, you will not be […]