A visit to Greece allows the opportunity to go back through the corridors of time with some of the most awesome archaeological sites in the world. Greece is literally a network of the remains of civilizations that date from as far back as the prehistoric times and weaves its way through early historic, Roman and […]


The Greek Islands offer a huge amount of choice to travellers with everything from well known tourist resorts to the charms of lesser-frequented islands. The dreaded package-holiday is probably the best way to go but keep your eyes peeled, there can be huge savings made either by booking really early or waiting until the last […]

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Perched high up in the cliff-tops of Greece, the Meteora monasteries served several purposes for the ascetic monks who built them. These monasteries were inaccessible enough that only the most dedicated followers tried to reach them, while they also made the monks feel like they were closer to God in a place of peace and […]


Why would anyone want to travel in winter? That may be the question in your mind right now, but the fact is that there is so much going on in Europe during the winter months! In spite of the cold and snow in some places, a winter trip to Europe could very give you the […]


Cruising is one of the best ways to discover Europe on a larger scale. While some may prefer to do land travel, cruising provides a different way to experience Europe. For those who have been to Europe more than once, this is a novel experience. More than this, cruising provides access to most sites of […]

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