As you step on to the Riva promenade at the port of Split, the stunning Croatian coast beckons in all its calm beauty. The expanse of the sky is endless, met only by the lapping Adriatic Sea. If paradise were a colour, it would surely be the jewelled green-blue hue of the water, which ripples […]


Cyprus has beautiful weather, pristine beaches and wonderful waters but this island is unlike any other in the Mediterranean. Split in half since the invasion of the Turkish army in 1974, tourists now have to make a choice between visiting North Cyprus or South Cyprus. While the South is prosperous and contains the Greek Cypriot […]


The Greek Islands offer a huge amount of choice to travellers with everything from well known tourist resorts to the charms of lesser-frequented islands. The dreaded package-holiday is probably the best way to go but keep your eyes peeled, there can be huge savings made either by booking really early or waiting until the last […]

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Corsica appears as a stunning mountain rising out of the sea that captivates visitors long before they set foot on the island. Because of its high elevations and spectacular scenery, Corsica attracts a large number of hikers and rock climbers every year and it is one of Europe’s top hiking destinations. But you don’t need […]


Lanzarote has been welcoming tourists for well over forty years. Ever since the country was opened up to the package holiday industry by General Franco in the 1970´s when he sought to attract much needed foreign currency to his ailing economy. On Lanzarote the development of this new industry was carefully controlled. Thanks to the […]