When in Rome there are hundreds of things to do and places to see – but do all of them mean spending a small fortune? Think again. There are loads of awesome sightseeing activities that you can do and they are all virtually free. Here are some suggestions for a thrifty but still fun way […]

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Organising a holiday getaway to one of Europe’s most romantic cities isn’t easy at the best of times. Planning a trip that isn’t as clichéd as the destination is as important as the recognition of a unique relationship such a trip signifies. If it has to be Paris or Prague or Venice, at least ensure […]


With the European summer upon us, we can happily bid those long, dark nights of winter and rainy days of spring farewell and once again bask in the warm sunshine. This year, instead of heading to the tropics for a scorching summer holiday, why not explore these great European destinations for your dose of fun […]


For skiers and snowboarders, Europe is a mecca of sorts as it has some of the best mountain resorts in the world. You can find incredible skiing here as well as fun nightlife and great restaurants: this combination makes Europe the best place to go for some snowbound fun. The problem is that there is […]


Many devout catholics will hope to visit the Vatican at some point in their lifetime. Vatican City is the smallest country in the world and as the home of the Pope it is considered the centre of Catholicism. Around 800 people live in Vatican City, many of them nuns and priests. But even for the […]

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