Germany is a country of contrasts, with much to offer its visitors. From world-class museums and historic architecture to fine dining and vibrant nightlife, Germany has it all, and with over 10,000 towns and cities between the Alps and the North Sea, choosing which to visit can be a daunting decision. Each of this country’s […]

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Europeans really know how to party. Europeans have always revered their party animals, from the Libertines of 18th century France and Britain to the fun-loving painter Toulouse Lautrec who captured the excesses of Parisian life. Europe has a history of decadence and debauchery that no other continent can compare to. Europeans tend to be heavier […]


Munich is actually a huge city as it is the capital of the largest federal state in Germany, Bavaria. With a city so big there is no way that you could see all it has to offer, so here’s a guide to the highlights if you plan to spend only one day in Munich. If […]

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Many people think the best way to see the great cities of Europe is through their museums, their fairytale castles, and their historical monuments. Personally though, I think a lot can be understood about a cities character by seeking out their public parks. I think you can tell a lot about a culture from how […]

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Bavaria’s capital, Munich, is a beautiful 800 year old city that is located in southern Germany. Munich is one of Germany’s most popular tourist destinations and offers its visitors a travel experience that will not be forgotten. From festivals and sightseeing to shopping and restaurants, Munich has it all! So, whether you are looking for […]