Paris is a spectacular city, and while it is expensive to stay and eat here, there is so much to see and do that you can have a great time without spending a penny on attractions. Here are five free things to do in Paris. 1. Galeries Lafayette Paris is perhaps the world’s premier fashion […]


Many people think the best way to see the great cities of Europe is through their museums, their fairytale castles, and their historical monuments. Personally though, I think a lot can be understood about a cities character by seeking out their public parks. I think you can tell a lot about a culture from how […]

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When people talk about cruising, they normally refer to ocean cruises. However, there is a more interesting alternative – the river cruise. As opposed to seeing nothing but water for a long period of time, changing landscapes can keep one occupied in a river cruise. River cruises are actually a great way to discover certain […]


Getting to Paris is an easy task – all major airlines fly to the city, and if you are in Europe, you can even take a train or drive to Paris. Once you arrive in Paris, getting around is your next concern. It does not have to be a problem, however. As it is with […]

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Paris is high up on many people’s lists of dream destinations, which is really not a surprise. This city is practically bursting at the seams with sights and attractions. A day in the city is not enough – maybe even a week wouldn’t be enough with all that you can see in the city. If […]