Having received decades of free publicity from a large number of espionage movies, it’s hard to find a film-exposed individual who hasn’t heard about the Red Square. Its popularity, however, is not only due to an unwarranted attention by Cold War crazed film-makers. The Red Square is massive and humbling, especially for those familiarised with […]


With the European summer upon us, we can happily bid those long, dark nights of winter and rainy days of spring farewell and once again bask in the warm sunshine. This year, instead of heading to the tropics for a scorching summer holiday, why not explore these great European destinations for your dose of fun […]


1. Moscow Distillery Cristall This landmark distillery has been in business since 1901, when it was opened as the state facility for alcoholic beverages. Walking tours include opportunities to sample their 16 brands of premium vodkas, such as Stolichnaya, Priviet and Posolskaya. Considered one of the world’s top breweries, the Cristall Distillery tour reveals how […]


1. Okroshka Russia’s national soup is not borsch – their famous beet soup – but Okroshka, a cold soup made from raw cucumbers and spring onions combined with boiled potatoes, cooked meat and eggs. It is mixed with a lightly alcoholic brew made of fermented bread and garnished with sour cream or diluted kefir. 2. […]


Cruising is one of the best ways to discover Europe on a larger scale. While some may prefer to do land travel, cruising provides a different way to experience Europe. For those who have been to Europe more than once, this is a novel experience. More than this, cruising provides access to most sites of […]

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