Taking a drive along the United Kingdom’s top scenic driving routes can be a highly rewarding experience for overseas visitors to the UK and resident Brit’s who often don’t realise the stunning vistas that exist on their own doorstep. Here are some suggestions for spectacular driving routes encompassing a variety of UK regions. 1. England […]


This is a guest post by Emily Starbuck Gerson. When I visited Edinburgh, Scotland for the first time two summers ago, I fell in love instantly. The ornate architecture, the traditional bagpipe music, the beautiful green hills, the fascinating accents… I could hardly find anything I didn’t like (besides the haggis). I also found its […]


Going on a vacation is always fun, but it is even made more exciting if you go to a destination that has something special going on.  I am talking about visiting a city right when they are holding a festival and if festivals are what you are looking for, then Europe is the best place to […]