Passion is the word which most comes to mind when asked to describe Spain. Hence most of the must-do activities in Spain are passionate – moving tours around great works of art, running with the bulls in Pamplona and seeing, or participating in, the flamenco dance. Here’s a list of 15 things that everyone should […]

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The third biggest city in Spain, Valencia is known for a lot of things, the best parties being one of them. This city has something to offer everyone; from the adventurer to honeymooners to senior citizens to teenagers – there is always something to do in Valencia. Here are five things that you can do […]


La Tomatina is known all over the world for the best AND largest food fight there is. For people who are into getting down and dirty, this is THE festival for you to participate in. What goes on during this festival? People – tens of thousands of them – basically hit the streets flock to […]