Vatican City

Many devout catholics will hope to visit the Vatican at some point in their lifetime. Vatican City is the smallest country in the world and as the home of the Pope it is considered the centre of Catholicism. Around 800 people live in Vatican City, many of them nuns and priests. But even for the […]

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So you have two days to spend in one of the most historical and interesting cities in the world.  What can you do in two days?  Would that even be enough for you to visit all that is there to visit? Probably not, but two days is enough to see the most significant things in […]


One of the best and most unforgettable escapades you can probably have is to go backpacking in one of the naturally richest countries in the world that is Italy. Marvel at the ancient ruins, splendid architecture, and the breathtaking natural wonders all in one trip. Meet different kinds of people, taste authentic Italian food, and drink […]

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