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Switzerland is one of Europe's best skiing destinations

Switzerland is one of Europe's best skiing destinations

Year in and year out, a lot of people look forward to the time when the snows fall and coat the mountains of Europe to offer some of the best skiing in the world. If you are new to skiing in Europe, you may feel a bit loss as to which country to go to, much less which resort to stay in. Here are some of the best ski resorts in the whole continent – spread out among three countries.

St. Moritz, Switzerland
St. Moritz is perhaps one of the most popular ski resorts in Europe. Appearing in many famous movies, especially James Bond flicks, has helped, of course. The resort is located in Engadine Valley, an area offering some of the best sceneries in the country. More than awesome views, the area is also blessed with 300 days of sunshine, making the skiing experience even more spectacular.

Les Trois Vallees, France
The French love to ski, and they have one of the best skiing areas in all of Europe as well. These three interconnecting valleys (exactly what the French name means in English) boasts of no less than eight ski resorts – all of them famous for one thing or another. This is also home to excellent ski schools, where you can pick up the sport.

St. Anton, Austria
This ski resort is home to two of the most prestigious ski schools in existence. The Ski School Alberg is known for its history and size. The Franz Klimmer Ski School, on the other hand, is much smaller but offers more personalized service.

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France
The site of the first Winter Olympics in 1924, Chamonix is a favorite ski resort in the French Alps. Although winter sports are the most popular in Chamonix, there are plenty of other sporting and leisure activities to participate in during the summer months. The accommodation, restaurants and bars in Chamonix are all world-class.

There are, of course, other ski resorts and areas you can visit in Europe but these four are among the most tried and tested ones.

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