Ever Dreamt of Spending a Whole Year in a Hotel?

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One of the many amazing Radisson Blu hotel pools

Ever dreamt of spending a whole year in a hotel? Imagine never having to make your bed in the morning or wash up another plate. The clean, crisp surroundings, the anonymity of your room and room service just at arm’s length.

Well now the opportunity has arisen. The Radisson Blu hotel group is giving away 365 free nights in their hotels around the globe. The winner will get a standard double room of their choice in one of 200 hotels worldwide. You can choose when and where you want to use those nights and they don’t have to be consecutive. In fact you have five whole years in which to spend those hotel nights! If that sounds like a tall order you can even give the hotel nights away to friends and family.

All you have to do is enter The Greatest Holiday in the World competition by telling the Raddison Blu hotel group why you deserve the prize. The candidate that gets the most votes wins. It’s so simple for such a huge prize at stake.

You could win 365 days in a Radisson Blu hotel room just like this one

So far some of the entry ideas have been people saying that they are not rich enough to spend time in hotels but badly need a break, one family who could do with a recuperative rest after a cancer scare and one person who is homeless!

There are also special offers – for instance this week the Raddison Blu hotel group is doubling every vote that you get in a two-for-one special. The voting period ends in just over 24 days.

The winner will get to choose from a range of hotels around the world which include hotels in China, Russia, Iceland, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa.

Here’s a brief summary of the rules:

Anyone can nominate him or herself.
You must be an EU-citizen or a citizen of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland to participate but not to vote. Anyone can vote.
You can vote for all candidates once a day, every day until July 24th, 2010. The candidate with the most votes on this day wins
You must be over 18 to participate.
There is no cash alternative offered.

If you decide to enter this awesome competition, make sure you let us know of your name and entry by leaving us a comment. We will then place a vote for you. Good luck!

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OMG, how good is this! Thanks for the heads up. I pray to god that I win.


I am really p’d off that you have to live in the EU to enter this comp. What a joke… Why the hell isn’t this open to everyone when the Radison is all over the world?


I have to agree with you jj5. I am from the USA and am unable to enter 🙁


I am entering, what a sick comp


I’m trying to win the greatest honeymon, please vote for me



Karen Bryan

I’ve entered the competition, if I win I’ll be sharing some of my 365 nights with friends on Twitter and Facebook to say thanks for their help and support building up the Europe a la Carte Blog. You can vote for me here:


Please can people vote for me and i am willing to vote for them in return thanks

the link is

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