Things to See and Do in Malta

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Blue Lagoon Comino

Blue Lagoon, Comino

Malta is located right smack in the middle of the Mediterranean, and despite its small area, offers so many things to its visitors. This little country is made up of three islands – Malta, Gozo, and Comino – all of which hold their own unique sights.

So what should you do during a trip to Malta? Start off with a ride on a Maltese Dghajsa. This water craft is basically a floating taxi, and touring the Grand Harbour in one of them is something that every visitor must do. You can take dghajsas at the Valleta Waterfront. If you are into sports, then you have to watch a waterpolo match – the second most popular sport in the country. Alternatively, go horseriding. Fancy yourself as a Knight of Malta and romp around the country while taking in the amazing scenery!

If you have to see one thing in the country, make sure it is the Blue Lagoon. This famous swimming area is found in Comino and has made more than one visitor’s heart jump due to its beauty. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for sandy beaches, Malta does not have too many of these. Still, areas such as the Blue Lagoon more than make up for it.

You should also take your time to explore Valleta, one of Europe’s most popular cities. It has been described “a city made by gentlemen, for gentlemen” many times over and is currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From galleries to museums to shops – you will never lack for these in Valleta.

Malta is also home to the famous Nadur Carnival. This carnival is deeply steeped in tradition and has not been touched by commercialization. It might just be the most surreal thing you’ll ever experience!

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What a beautiful place! Those rocks and the cave remind me of the chalky cliffs around Bonifacio, in the southern tip of Corsica.

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