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Italy's Amalfi Coast offers one of the most beautiful drving experiences in Europe - Photo: Dew Drop

Italy's Amalfi Coast is one of Europe's most scenic drives - Photo: Dew Drop

One of the biggest attractions of traveling to Europe is the fact that one can drive from one country to another – at least most of the countries. With the formation of the European Union, travel by motor vehicle has become so much easier, giving a new meaning to the phrase “road trip.” While ease of moving from one European country to another is definitely not an issue, the differences in laws of the road can be quite a feat to face. If you are considering traveling Europe by car – with you behind the wheel – here are some things that you may want to know.

In London, you will have to pay $16 if you enter the “congestion zone.” This law has been in effect for some years now, in an effort to lessen the amount of traffic in the area. These zones are easily recognizable by the red signs with a white C in a circle. Some rental car agencies include this in the cost, so ask beforehand.

If you’re driving in France, make sure that you do not have children below 10 years old sitting up front. The law requires that they sit in the back seat, safely buckled up. Crossing over to Germany, make sure that you can drive fast on the autobahn. More than that, make sure that you have enough gas to get you through. Obstructing traffic – for any reason – can get you fined.

Over in Italy, you cannot enter certain areas unless your car is authorized. Many hotels are located in these areas, so you have to have this information beforehand. Your hotel can help you with this. If you enter these areas, which are marked with white signs with an open red circle, and you are not authorized, you will be fined. Going farther south, in Spain, make sure that you have a spare pair of eyeglasses if you drive with one. The law requires that you have the spare pair in the car with you.

Bottom line: know the rules of the road before even considering driving in a foreign country.

What is your tip for driving in Europe? Make a comment and let everybody know.

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When driving in some European countries like Montenegro even during the day you must have full beam headlights on. Also be wary of the alcohol limits as some countries may have stricter rules than what you are used to at home.

A Threesome 'Round Europe

Myself and two friends are about to set off around Europe and this blog has come in really handy reading through, especially stuff like this. Thanks very much!!

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