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Germany's highspeed ICE (Inter City Express) train

Germany's highspeed ICE (Inter City Express) train

The German railway system is perhaps one of the best in the world – if not the best. The German National Railway is also called Deutsche Bahn, or DB for short. Practically any city in the country is connected to this system and one can travel the length and width of Germany by train. Not only is it affordable and efficient to travel by train, but you also get to discover the landscapes that Germany has to offer.

There are three main subsystems in the DB. They are as follows.

The German High Speed Train
Also known as the Intercity Express, the high speed train certainly lives up to its name. It goes as fast as 300 kilometers per hour and can get you to your destination so quickly that you won’t even notice time passing you by. This train connects all major cities in Germany.

The German Regional Train
Also called Regional Express or Regionalbahn, this train system is slower than the above, but also cheaper. It also connects the smaller towns and cities, unlike the Intercity Express. If you don’t have a need for speed and you would like to enjoy the scenery, then the Regionalbahn is your best bet.

The German Night Train
This system is perfect for time-strapped travelers who would like to make the most out of every minute in Germany. Trains usually leave early in the evening and travel on through the night. By daybreak, you will surely have reached your destination and be able to save on a night’s stay at a hotel as well!

German Rail Pass

There is no better way to explore Germany than with the German rail pass. German rail passes offer easy, flexible and unlimited travel on the national rail network of Germany. This rail pass allows unlimited train travel for between four and 10 days within a one-month period.

• Unlimited train travel throughout Germany including Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Nuremberg and Dresden
• Choose between first and second class travel
• May be used on travel days that are consecutive or non-consecutive
• Special travel bonuses
• Rail Pass valid for travel to Salzburg (Austria) and Basel Bad (Switzerland)

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A Eurail pass for Germany is an absolute must for backpackers and budget travelers. I traveled to Germany a few years back and used the train to get around. I ended up saving a lot of time and money buying a train pass.

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