Two Days in Estonia

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Tallinn is Estonia's capital and most popular tourist destination - Photo: Tony Camper

Tallinn is Estonia's most popular tourist destination - Photo: Tony Camper

Estonia is in a little known part of Europe known as the Baltic States. Tourists will find Estonia very rewarding as this country has a vibrancy that comes from having recently liberated itself from occupation. However, it still feels like history is breathing down your neck in Estonia as wherever you go old Soviet army outposts are still visible.

Cheap and culturally fascinating, a weekend break here is highly recommended. Look out for low cost flights with Easyjet to the capital city Tallinn or routes from major European cities with the national carrier Estonia Air.

The historical centre of Tallinn has been listed with UNESCO as a world heritage site. This old Hanseatic town is well worth a visit as a balance has been struck between preserving old architecture and renovating the centre with lots of pleasant bars and pubs. Take some time to wander around and look at the impressive medieval buildings as you listen to the reassuring click of cobbled streets beneath your feet. There are plenty of parks and a hill called Toompea from which you can get great views out across the city. Not only is Tallinn stunningly beautiful but it is full of modern shops and restaurants which make an ideal combination. Allow at least one day to see it all properly. For information on what to see and do go to the Tallinn Tourist Centre at 2 / Niguliste Kullassepa 4. They can be contacted on (+00) 372 645 7777.

Haapsalu, Estonia - Photo: Iván Muñoz García

Haapsalu, Estonia - Photo: Iván Muñoz García

How you spend you second day in Estonia depends on what you prefer. Although Tallinn is the main tourist attraction there are also popular resorts in the islands of West Estonia. Haapsalu is the most well known of these and it has an incredible atmosphere as friendly inhabitants welcome you to the warm waters and ambient climate of the area.

If you plan to get out into the countryside there is a spectacular array of wildlife including exotic animals such as moose, red foxes and lynx. Try the Karula national park. Here glacial activity has created a natural paradise which is filled with lakes, meadows and mountain streams. It is free of charge to enter and you can camp, but watch out for the bears!

For fresh air you can also head up to the coastline on the north and villages such as Nova and Kaberneeme, which have fantastic beaches that back on to forests full of pine trees and walking trails.

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