Italy: Two Days in Milan

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Milan's Piazza del Duomo - Photo: Fil.ippo

If you only have two days to spend in Milan you should plan well ahead as there are a lot of things to see and do in this cosmopolitan Italian hotspot. Milan is more than a fashion capital, its cultural and entertainment scene is one that visitors surely enjoy.

Take your coffee in one of Milan’s most famous and ancient pasticcerie, Caffe Cova. Situated in the chic area of Via Montenapoleone, this café was an important place for the Milan elite, as well as a favorite haunt for intellectuals, artists, musicians, writers and politicians.

With map and guides in hand, start your tour at the Piazza del Duomo which is basically at the center of Milan’s concentric circle layout. From here, you can actually visit famous attractions like the Duomo di Milano which is the fourth largest church in the world and the seat of the Archbishop of Milan; the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II a four-storey shopping arcade renowned for its architecture (it is a double arcade formed from two glass-vaulted edifices at right angles and covered over by an arching glass and cast iron roof); the Palazzo Reale di Milano which used to be the seat of government of the city of Milan and is now a cultural and historical landmark; and several other monuments, churches and museums.

Going beyond the Piazza del Duomo to the north end is the Piazza della Scalla, home to Milan’s most popular opera house Teatro alla Scalla. Visitors can also see the monument of the great artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci. For more of Da Vinci’s work, head on out to Santa Maria delle Grazie, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and where his famous painting “The Last Supper” is on display.

You can take a break from cultural sightseeing and go shopping at Via Montenapoleone, the city’s high-fashion shopping district, or stroll leisurely through its relaxing parks and gardens such as the Trenno Park, Boscoincitta, Sempione Park near Castello Sforzesco and Parco Lambro. Many of Milan’s gardens are done in a Neo-classical style landscape and are full of botanical wonders. If you are a sports fan, check the football game schedules and catch one at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza located in the San Siro district.

When nighttime comes, step out and check Milan’s bustling nightlife which is renowned around Europe. Head out to the Brera district and sample the drinks and food in its many nightclubs and bars or the Navigli/Ticinese area for the eateries around the quays and canals.

Once you arrive, getting around Milan is easy with its extensive subway system, trams and buses that practically run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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Beware of the clowns !n milan Italy!!
When traveling in Italy, beware of the clowns near the famous tourist site – the Duomo in Milan. I was walking with my daughter on the street to the Milan Duomo, and suddenly 3 clowns jumped out from nowhere, dragged my daughter by her arm and forced us to take pictures with them. They would not let her go if we didn’t take a picture, then they charged us 50 euros each. That’s 150 euros for 3 clowns for 1 picture! What a rip off! Of course we refused to pay, but they kept my daughter as a hostage! I was scared so I had no choice but to pay. I hope no other traveler will experience this again. Beware of these clowns in Milan. Run away as fast as you can if they ever catch you! And do not let anyone touch you! Not even just a little bit!

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