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Today we will take a look at a holiday destination for those who love to explore the countryside and discover the hidden pearls of its geography. The country in question is Germany, a great destination for nature lovers who get excited at the thought of strapping on their boots for some adventurous hiking.

Although this aspect might often be under-publicised, Germany is filled with romantic forests, colourful hills, steep mountains as well as hidden shores leading to tranquil embedded seas. Those who dare to hike its trails will find a destination filled with options: from early hikes along tidal shores and visits to traditional villages to trips through the low mountain regions and journeys to the mountain-tops.

We’ve found the country to be prepared for demanding hikers as there are numerous trails and routes that are well maintained and lead you through some of the most beautiful locations. These trails are all signalled and offer information regarding the difficulty and length of the hike which makes planning your trip that much easier. If you don’t want to explore by yourself you can hire the help of a professional guide and there are even trip-organisers who offer “hiking without luggage” packages that make your life easier and free your hands (and backs!) to enjoy the sights at your leisure.

Journey to the Bavarian Forest

The Bavarian Forest is one of the most popular German destinations for hikers. The region is located in the area between the Danube river, the Bohemian Forest and the Austrian border and is the largest closed woodland area in all Central Europe. As is customary throughout Germany, there are well signposted hiking trails that can lead you through mysterious woodlands and across both natural and cultivated landscapes. Most of these trails will also allow you to visit villages both large and small and even reach the mountain peaks of the Bavarian Forest, such as the 1,456 metres tall Arber Mountain.

Those who would like to take a look at Bavaria’s past can follow the historic trade routes located between the Danube river and the Bohemian region. These routes were used by salt and glass traders to transport their merchandises from the many glass workers that had originally settled in the mountainous Bavarian-Bohemian border area. Of those settlements, there are about a dozen that still exist. One of the most popular hiking trails, the “Route vom Lamer Winkel”, presents a six day stretch over 99km that will take you through the countryside and showcase a variety of traditional glass manufacturing villages such as Zwiesel, Spiegelau or Riedelhütte before ending in Grafenau.

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