What Countries Should I Visit in Europe?

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Spain is one of Europe's most popular destinations for tourists

Spain is one of Europe's most popular destinations for tourists

Europe is a dream destination for many world travelers. They say that you haven’t traveled the world until you get to visit this continent, but which countries should you visit? There are so many countries in Europe that, unless you have an excessive amount of money and time on your hands, you will not be able to visit every single country in one go. Which countries should you visit for your first trip to Europe?

It may be cliché to some but Britain is a must. It is actually one of the most visited countries by Americans, perhaps in part because they feel “at home” there. It has a lot to offer in terms of culture and new experiences. To travel the whole expanse of the country alone will take you a long time. Perhaps you can pick out the major places of interest such as London, and surrounding areas for your first visit.

Another country that you cannot miss is France, which you can reach from Britain by rail or plane. I would highly suggest taking the train, if only for the experience: you get to travel through a tunnel under the English Channel. From food to museums to merely strolling along the charming streets of the cities, France will give you an experience you cannot forget.

From France, go south to neighboring Spain. Again, if you have the luxury of time, you can travel by land to experience the most of France before you reach Spain. These two countries are separated by the Pyrenees, a tourist destination in itself. In Spain, you can marvel at more works of art, excellent food, great weather and a more laidback culture.

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