25 Stunning Photographs of the Eiffel Tower

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The Eiffel Tower is to Paris what Big Ben is to London and the Statue of Liberty is to New York – the defining iconic monument and image of the city.

Not only is the Eiffel Tower the tallest structure in Paris, but it is one of the most frequented tourist attractions in the world. Tourists come here to see the fantastic views out over this magnificent city from Le Dame de Fer – the Iron Lady – as the Eiffel Tower is also known. Visitors can even make the experience more romantic by having dinner at one of the two restaurants which are situated on this three level tower which measures 1,063 feet tall.

The Eiffel Tower was created at the end of the 19th century by the designer Gustave Eiffel and has stood the test of time as a must see attraction in the City of Light.

Photo: gpalacios

Photo: David Bank

Photo: Royle

Photo: Fabfoto

Photo: Rolye

Photo: macropoulos

Photo: goodwood fos

Photo: Vincent Montibus

Photo: Hughes Léglise-Bataille

Photo: Rudy Atallah

Photo: Anna-H

Photo: jmvnoos

Photo: Ault

Photo: Only rock'n roll

Photo: honeycrunch

Photo: Larsc0

Photo: Miki Tillett

Photo: Barry O Carroll

Photo: Hukomukho Hyangla

Photo: Gabriel Villena

Photo: Jter

Photo: Panoramas

Photo: Bebo

Photo: marc do

Photo: Gaston

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Amazing pictures… one day I want to visit Paris and the eiffel tower

Eurotrip Tips

These are stunning pictures indeed. I love the ones that are taken from surprising places, not actually facing the tower.

Thanks for sharing!


Wow! I love these photographs! They all have different perspectives of the Eiffel Tower.
Here’s a picture that I took myself when I was on the Arc de Triomphe:


Ahhh . . . she is a rare beauty, isn’t she? Wonderful content, so engaging I must link to this on my blog. 🙂

I actually cried a little when I first saw it “in real life.” It’s just so huge and beautiful — and proud to be so colossal and stunning — that I was overcome with emotion.

Go there!!


Wow – you’ve made an excellent photo selection – showing the tower from different angles and in different seasons and day time. Loved the post 😉

Maria @dailydownwarddog

Absolutely LOVE these pictures!! My husband was cool enough to ask me to marry him at the top of the Eiffel Tower close to 16 years ago! My home is a shrine to the Eiffel Tower. We both need to get back soon so we can kiss on top of the tower again.


Some nice photos! It’s always a challenge to find a new way to photograph something that has been shot so many times. Interesting approaches.

Robin | My Melange

I’m drooling over these! One more gorgeous than the next. I especially love the moon shot and the wedding couple 🙂


that nighttime shot of the tower from a distance is my fave!


For those of us who get to see the Eiffel Tower all the day I think it’s so easy to start taking it for granted. It’s not till we see it from a whole new perspective – like these photos – that we’re forced to see it afresh, through someone else’s eyes. And I have to say; I’d forgotten just what an incredible building it really is 🙂

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