Greece: Greek Island Hopping

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Windmills on the beautiful island of Mykonos, Greece

Windmills on the beautiful island of Mykonos, Greece

Greece is one of those countries which evoke wonderful images: white sandy beaches, warm sun, and beautiful people. One thing that you must know about visiting Greece, though, is that you shouldn’t spend your whole trip on only one island. In fact, there are countless islands that you can visit in order to make the most out of your trip to Greece. Here is your quick guide to Greek island hopping.

The Cyclades

This is perhaps the most popular area, offering various landscapes and experiences. You should start off at the volcanic island of Milos, where you can see various geological formations, catacombs, churches, and of course, beaches. Next up would be Sifnos, which might remind you somehow of California. Luxurious beach resorts offer an excellent stay. After this, the island of Serifos will welcome you with its wonderful white skyline. Its people are known to be among the most hospitable you’ll ever meet. Last, drop by Kithnos, the most laidback place you’ll ever visit. Also, take note that this charming island is rarely visited by foreigners, making it an authentic Greek experience.

The Ionians

Sound familiar? Think Odysseus – this was his home base. First stop: Cephalonia. From there, drive to Sami, to experience its beach. Then drive to Ithaca with your copy of The Odyssey and steep yourself in Greek lore. For a one of a kind cliff experience, go to Lefkas next, where you can set up camp for a day or two of sailing.

The Dodecanese

These islands are the farthest from the mainland, but are well worth the visit. You have to visit Rhodes, Symi, and Kalymnos – each of these islands have their own unique things to offer. Happy trails!

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