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Capri Island is one of Italy's most popular tourist destinations

Capri Island is one of Italy's most popular tourist destinations

Standing by the splendor of the Mediterranean Sea, Italy is composed of several islands. Each island is breathtaking and offers the most wonderful refuge to any kind of traveler. If you want to experience the distinct charm of an Italian island, here’s a bit of background on some of Italy’s loveliest.

Ischia Island

Featuring sparkling waters gently crashing into sandy beaches, Ischia Island is one of the popular volcanic islands of Italy. Also called Emerald Island, Ischia Island has a lot of history when it evolved in the Bronze Age after the Greeks, Romans and the French conquered the island. At present times, the island is composed of many historic centers and thermal hot springs, where they say diseases of any kind can be cured by the thermal spa treatments. Other famous attractions of the island include the small chapel of Saint Francis, Cathedral of Assunta, Aragonese Castle built in 474 BC, the garden of La Mortella, and Maronti Beach.

Capri Island

Standing beside the Sorrentine Peninsula, Capri Island is considered one of the most beautiful destination spots of Italy. With dramatic harbors and lovely resorts, the island soars upward from the sea and is steadily growing in popularity among tourists. Capri Island is considered an emerging industrial center and teems with elite boutiques and expensive restaurants and other amenities perfect for guests who want a more luxurious vacation. Some of the most famous attractions of the island include the beautiful ornate limestone masses of the coasts, the imperial Roman villas, the Belvedere of Tragara, the small harbor of Marina Piccola, and the Blue Grotto or Grotta Azzurra.

Elba Island

As the third largest island in Italy, Elba Island is highly composed of mountains and mining villages overlooking calm waters. Elba Island is popular for its major iron hubs, pebbly beaches, cliffs, sports centers, amusement parks, and wine production. Visit the Monte Capanne, the highest peak in the island for a memorable view. Attend national and international Sailing Regatas held every year or the “Earth’s Treasures” market fair that celebrates Elba’s rich mining history.

Sicily Island

Holding the distinction of being the largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily Island is one famous travel destination with its majestic beaches, glorious mountains and volcanoes, Roman amphitheaters and Aragonese churches. In addition to the natural wonders, Sicily boasts of its wonderful festivals celebrated throughout the year like St. Agatha’s Feast Day said to be the second largest procession in the world. Sicily is also famous for its fresh fish and pastries. Popular spots include Mount Etna (Europe’s largest live volcano), Agrigento with its Greek temples, the wine center that is Marsala, and Erice famous for its pastries.

Sardinia Island

Next to Sicily, Sardinia is the second largest island of the Mediterranean Sea. Standing between the countries of Italy, Spain and Tunisia, Sardinia is an official autonomous region of Italy. It is one of the world’s most famous cultural and musical destinations, being home to the oldest forms of vocal polyphony, music icons like Frank Zappa, and distinct musical instruments. The island also boasts of its gold and silver mines and continues to be one of the strongest tourism industries in Italy.

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Nice post. Capri is on my list of must see places. You can see the French island of Corsica from Elba (northern coast) and Sardinia (on the southern coast), both located just an hour away from Corsica by Ferry.

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